Lifestyle update

I haven’t written a blog about my lifestyle for a while, but rest assured I am still working on it!

First I’ll start off with my weight. Like I said how body weight is fleeting in one of my previous blogs, that’s what I am experiencing still, especially with the new method I have been trying out. When I first started weighing myself every morning and working out the average, the results were the same or very similar when compared to my body weight when I measure it once a week (on a Saturday). However, last week’s results were rather interesting.

Turns out the weekly average was three pounds lighter than my weight on the Saturday morning! This made me feel very positive, but also slightly bemused. Of course I’d prefer to state my average weight for the week, rather than saying my current weight. However, the average, I believe, is a better representative of how I’ve done weight wise during the week, particularly when pounds have been coming on and off.

Weight wise, I am not where I’d like to be at the moment, but Easter certainly hasn’t helped with it. I had several hot cross buns and quite a bit of chocolate over the Easter period, and around it as well. My problem is self-control. When there is a sweet treat in the house, I find it difficult to resist sometimes and I unfortunately have the mentality that when all of the chocolate has been eaten, then it’s not there as a threat anymore. I had good self-control last year away from home when I started changing my lifestyle, so that is what I’d like to aim for.

Tasty Easter treats
Tasty Easter treats

In terms of fitness, I think I am doing rather well, although I still need to jog 10km! I managed to do 7km at the gym a while ago, but I need to build up more muscle in my thighs. I wasn’t particularly out of breath when I jogged 7km, but my thighs were hurting when I stopped. So at the gym, I will make sure to do some weights on my legs.

Looking at how I am at the moment, I think that I could jog 10km in about 1 hour and 20 minutes, or 1 hour and 30 minutes at the most. However, I am not concerned with how long it will take me to jog the complete track at the Race for Life in 2 and ½ months time; I want to jog it all without stopping (I will write a post soon about Cancer Research and Race for Life).

And finally, dieting. As I’ve already mentioned, Easter was not a great time however, I knew that would happen; it’s just like Christmas really. After lent, I was eating meat on a regular basis for a week. My taste buds got to remember again what different meats are like, some I enjoyed more than others. I had turkey, ham, bacon, sausages, sausage meat, chicken, pork, steak, and BBQ ribs over the period of a week. That is a lot of meat when it is listed like that! One meat I haven’t had yet is lamb, one of my favourites.

My mentality towards meat has definitely changed since I gave it up for lent. I wonder if anyone else agrees with me, but I’ve started to see meat as overrated. I used to watch Epic Meal Time’s videos on YouTube, where they make ginormous creations out of lots of meat. I found them fascinating at one point, now I see them as obscene! They seem to have a fascination with bacon, which has to be included in every single thing that they make. I also wonder what happens to all of the food afterwards… Sometimes the thought of certain meats, particularly sausages and bacon makes me feel a bit queasy, probably because of the fat content.

Like I said, meat is overrated

Since yesterday, I have decided to practice being a vegetarian again, although not fully. I will have meat occasionally for a meal, maybe just once a week. There are some meats which can be enjoyed in a healthy way, such as cooked chicken or turkey breast. My sister is making a bolognese tonight, but I am making my own vegetarian alternative instead. I am glad that I gave up meat for lent- I believe that it has changed me for the better.

Happy reading and blogging,

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


3 thoughts on “Lifestyle update

  1. The problem with meat is that nowadays most of it is full of hormones. Besides people eat to much of it and on top of it all they eat a lot of animal products such as eggs, cheese and milk. This creates an overload of animal products that the body cannot deal with. However I agree with you that is more than acceptable to eat it sometimes as I don’t believe in being rigid and inflexible in anything. As for loosing weight I used to jog too but I grew out of it because it’s to laborious. There are much nicer ways to keep one’s weight under control and none is better than sensible eating. Keeping an eye in the amount of calories than one eats daily is the best way and the most effective. This doesn’t mean dieting it’s only a matter of adopting and eating strategy.


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