I have been really carnivorous since I’ve been eating meat again (I gave up meat for lent this year) such as tonight, when I had pork ribs with a smokey BBQ sauce. My dad buys racks of ribs from Aldi for the great price of £3.99, although I believe that they are on offer at the moment for £2.50!

I do love the taste of ribs when they are cooked to the point where the meat slides easily off the bone, a tender, melt in the mouth sensation… I am talking about meat here- this must be food porn!

Instead of making bog standard chips, I use a method which may seem lazy, but the potatoes taste great, with an extra addition. You can use any sort of potato, but new potatoes work well the best I find for this method of cooking.

While a tray with a drizzle of oil on is in the oven, I cut new potatoes and a white onion into small chunks. Then I place them on the tray and normally, I would sprinkle over a little bit of salt, the only time I use it for cooking, since it helps to make the potatoes turn golden brown. I forgot to do this tonight, but they still tasted great. Plus I had a go at making sweet potato chunks- sweet potato just tastes great however it’s cooked. If you’ve never tried sweet potato, I urge you to have some asap!

Potatoes and onions

I also made another addition to the ribby meal tonight, a little side of garlicky mushrooms and peppers. I melted some butter into a frying pan, then fried some chopped garlic. One of my favourite smells, after filter coffee, is garlic being cooked in butter! I then cooked some chopped green pepper for about five minutes, then added chopped mushrooms, and cooked until the mushrooms had softened.

Garlic mushroom and pepper mix

Both of these little easy accompaniments for main meals are healthy, because the chips/potato chunks are not cooked in a deep fat fryer, and mushrooms and peppers add to your five a day, so everyone can feel great and happy!

Happy reading and blogging,

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


One thought on “Simples

  1. Too much meat is no good for one’s health. Meat eaters live an average of nine years less than those who don’t eat it or eat it only occasionally. Besides most meats nowadays are full of hormones that play havoc in the human body, moreover the animals kept in farms suffer too much. I rarely eat meat but I love rabbit and guinea fowl when they are on the menu I eat them. Yummy-yummy right now I’ll give anything for a well cooked bunny!


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