In the beads of nostalgia

Since buying the ironing beads just before the Easter weekend, I have been reliving my childhood by trying to become more adventurous in the shapes and patterns I am making. I made three shapes on Easter Sunday, which made me remember how tricky it is to make them (especially since the beads and the pegs on the boards are so small!).

The other day I made a medal for one of my friends (I forgot to take a photo). He has previously ran half marathons to raise money for charity, and he is running one on his birthday soon. I made the medal on a circular board, with a number one made out of blue beads, a small lines of purple beads at the top to indicate the ribbon, and a line of orange beads crossing diagonally, to show a lighting effect when the sun shines on a gold medal.

Last night, when I was pondering how to relax, I looked up some bead designs on Google. There are many cute and fascinating designs which I’d love to try in the future. So last night I made a rainbow. I used a photo online as an example, and it is really cute! I don’t have any red beads, so I had to use pink and I could have changed the design by adding dark green to make the seven colours of a rainbow, but I just followed the example and made it with seven colours. It still looks good, I think.

Example rainbow which I followed

It was challenging to iron, due to the individual beads at each end of the rainbow, which are little white clouds. It was also harder because I used tracing paper. Just after I had made the order online, my future brother-in-law suggested to use greaseproof paper, so I used that to iron the previous designs. I find it it easier to iron with greaseproof paper than tracing paper.  I also made a hexagon last night with alternating diagonal lines of colour, which works well as a small coaster.

Hexagon and rainbow made out of ironing beads

I don’t want to use the ironed bead patterns just as coasters though. The idea popped into my head today that they could make great fridge magnets, especially the rainbow. So I’ve ordered a roll of magnet tape, which you can cut to whatever length you wish. I will put a strip on the back of the rainbow, and give to my sister as a little moving out present for her fridge/freezer, when she moves out next week!

Happy reading and blogging,

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


3 thoughts on “In the beads of nostalgia

  1. Congratulations! They look better than many modern artefacts in the Tate Gallery. Especially of those absurdly inflated, over hyped and ridiculously overpaid works of that useless, grossly incompetent, ignoramus artist called Damian Hirst who is an insult to art.


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