Bipolar Sunshine

Last night I went to a gig at The Scholar bar, part of the O2 Academy in Leicester. It said on the ticket doors open at 7pm, so I got there for 6:30, the first member of the audience to turn up. As I was waiting outside in the beautiful evening, I heard a tune that was familiar. For the first time, I witnessed a sound check by the headlining band, Bipolar Sunshine. I had a sneak preview of what was to come, which was very exciting.

The Scholar Bar is a nice sized venue, ideal for new and upcoming bands. The supporting act was called Great Imitation, a four man band whose genre is soul and acoustic. The leading man is a rapper, and he was very enthusiastic on stage (and off stage when he jumped over the barrier onto the dance floor!) He is very good at rapping, but it is just not my cup of tea. Great Imitation definitely have great potential, and I recommend them to anyone who likes rap music.

Great Imitation

Despite not being over keen with Great Imitation, I always like to watch support bands; that is how I came to fall in love with Bipolar Sunshine. I first saw the band support Bastille in 2013 and I searched for their music the day after. Later that year Bipolar Sunshine ran a competition on Facebook, and I won two tickets to see them support Rudimental on Valentine’s Day in 2014! Both times they were superb, and when I found out that they were performing in Leicester, I immediately bought myself a ticket.

The gig was originally supposed to be on the 7th October 2014, but it was moved to the 7th April 2015 instead, due to recording commitments. I was glad of the date change since I had seen Bipolar Sunshine already in 2014. The band’s recording commitments were for an album which is being released later this year; I can’t wait!

The band did not fail to astound me when they performed last night; in fact, it was the best performance I have seen of them so far. Maybe it was because this was their first headlining tour, or the smaller venue where the audience were in touching distance of the band members. Whatever it was, Bipolar Sunshine performed brilliantly!

Bipolar Sunshine

When I tell people about the band, they first ask about the name. I’ve always thought the name as a strange one, but while writing this blog, I had a search on the internet. Bipolar Sunshine is a pseudonym for the lead singer, named Adio Marchant. Now I can tell people why the act has that name, although I still don’t know why Marchant chose that name.

The next thing people ask me is what sort of music they play. This is another question I’ve found hard to answer. I would describe Bipolar Sunshine’s music as magical, relaxing, refreshing and out of this world. This probably sounds cliché, but their music is different from any other band I have ever heard, which is why I like them so much.

The great thing about seeing bands in small venues is that you are more than likely able to meet them afterwards. A few minutes after they finished performing, Marchant and the guy on keyboard/guitar went to greet the audience. I found it very sweet when Marchant went straight over to a young boy, to have a photo and give the boy a set list.

I got to chat to both band members and have a photo with Marchant; he was really friendly and talkative. I told Bipolar Sunshine about my story of how I first saw them and won tickets. The band messaged me privately on Facebook to tell me that I had won tickets after winning their competition, which one of them had remembered!

The photo didn’t quite work, but never mind :’)

If I’ve intrigued you enough, and I hope I have, you should check out Bipolar Sunshine’s music, and Great Imitation as well. I will definitely see the band again when they next tour; next time I will ask why Marchant calls himself Bipolar Sunshine. I wish them all the best in their music and success!

My favourite song by Bipolar Sunshine is Drowning Butterflies.

Happy reading and blogging,

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


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