Curry time

Only two more days to go until I can eat meat again and finally, I got round to making a vegetarian curry. Since abstaining from meat, I have been quite creative in the vegetarian dishes I’ve tried out for the first time (stuffed peppers), or made differently (ratatouille).

As usual, I used what ingredients were in the house, except for one which my dad bought especially for the curry, which was spinach. While I was making the veggie delight, one of my good friends made a chicken curry for the rest of my family.

First I chopped up a leek and left it on the side whilst preparing the other vegetables. I fried onions until they were soft, then added sliced carrots. When they started to soften, I added the leeks, some broccoli, and drained chick peas.

Everything minus the tomatoes and madras paste

After about ten minutes, I stirred in a tin of chopped tomatoes and a tablespoon of madras paste. This went into the oven on a low heat until it was ready to be served with rice and naan bread.

Hang on a second… what happened to the spinach? I completely forgot to add it! It would’ve added extra flavour and texture to the vegetarian curry, but never mind. I can use it sometime soon, with a vegetarian dish, or meat.

Just out of the oven

I must admit that I’m looking forward to eating meat again on Sunday; it’s normal when you reach the end of lent to desire what you have given up. Overall, however, I haven’t missed meat too much. I have thoroughly enjoyed vegetarian dishes and will certainly be more experimental with them in the future.


Happy reading and blogging,

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


3 thoughts on “Curry time

  1. If you managed not to eat meat for a while why start again? It’s like stopping to smoke and start again. I’m not totally against meat eating but one can live very well without it or just eating it occasionally.


    • Every year I continue having whatever I have given up when lent is over; I’ve never tried continuing it afterwards.
      I will definitely be eating meat tomorrow, a bacon sandwich to start then a turkey roast dinner for Easter Sunday however, as you have stated, we can manage by eating it occasionally. That is what I intend to do with meat.
      Rather than eating meat on a regular basis and the veggie option now and again, I will practice the reverse and eat vegetarian dishes on a regular basis


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