Fun indulging weekend

I had a lovely time away in London for the past weekend, sightseeing in a place I’d never been to before (Greenwich), visiting friends and people who I had not seen for at least half a year, and indulging in scrumptious food.

The stunning view of London from the top of Greenwich Park

Weekends or trips away often involve treating yourself to delicious cuisine. It might be somewhere new where you have never tried the food there before, and you might not go back again for some time. I tried a spinach and mozzarella calzone from Greenwich market and had a three course meal at one of the busiest Italian restaurants I have ever been to in Crouch Hill. I also had my first experience of an afternoon tea, which included crustless finger size sandwiches and homemade scones with jam and clotted cream.

Yummy yummy afternoon tea

Overall I had a brilliant weekend, and plenty of fat burning exercise is needed this week. This does not mean that I regret the copious amounts of food that I ate; I enjoyed every single bite and it was a weekend to treat myself.

As some of you may remember, I wrote a blog about trying out a new method of monitoring my body weight. I weighed myself first thing every morning for the week and found that my weight only changed slightly, gaining a pound and losing it again which happened a few times. Overall my weight for the week remained the same on average however, I cannot compare it accurately to the reading on Saturday.

I was round my friend’s flat and borrowed their scales; it read that I was 2 pounds heavier than the overall weight for the week past. The reading could have been correct, but it is always best to use the same scales when weighing yourself. In addition, you should weigh yourself in the same place, on an even surface.

I will be continuing this method for some time, to see how the weekly body weight reading compares to Saturday’s reading. It has been interesting to do so far, as it really proves how fleeting weight really is.

Pretending to sit on the ‘iron throne’ at the venue where the cream tea was

Of course your overall weight takes everything in your body into consideration, including fluids, muscle, and body fat. A friend recently recommended to measure my overall body fat and use this as guidance in losing weight. Next time at the gym, I will enquire about this and ask for advice; I believe the staff offer free body fat testing.

To end this blog, I just want to say thank you for everyone’s support so far, from my family, friends and even to you readers and bloggers out there. A special thank you to controversialcook for your supportive comments, to The Tipsy Runner, for your motivational fitness blogs and Keeping Food in the Friend Zone for your inspirational articles about views and misconceptions of food.

Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


One thought on “Fun indulging weekend

  1. As the proverb says: ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. It also applies to breaking one’s eating habits and indulging a bit sometimes eating foods that one likes but wouldn’t normally eat everyday for a variety of reasons. Indulging now and then does a lot of good to the brain as it releases hormones such as dopamine that make one’s feel well, happy and relaxed. People that are too rigid or obsessive in their ways become boring, mentally stiff and are never happy. Anyway keeping control of one’s weight is not difficult. All that one has to do is to regulate the amount of sugars and refined carbohydrates that one ingests daily which are the ones responsible for putting on weight when eaten in larger quantities that one needs. This means that one doesn’t have to give them up totally but only to be aware of how much of them one consumes. Thanks for mentioning me appreciatively in your post 🙂

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