New milestone reached

Today so far has been a good day. I had training at work today, which was supposed to be three hours, but only lasted for one! I popped into town to pick up a free Easter chocolate slab from Hotel Chocolat and my weekly free hot drink from Caffè Nero (the perks of being with O2). I was tempted to pay my respects to King Richard III, but the queue was so long and being a student, I have reading and essays to write. It was nice to see how many people went to see the coffin though, and there are white roses surrounding the statue of Richard by Leicester Cathedral. However, what has made me the happiest today is reaching a new milestone in my training to jog 10km in July at the Race for Life.

The white rose enthroned statue of King Richard III
The white rose enthroned statue of King Richard III

The weather was ideal for jogging today; the sun was shining and it felt quite cool as well, which was refreshing when my body started to take the strain. I am lucky where I live really. A minute away from my house you’re walking by a canal or there is the Great Central Railway. A lot of people walk, cycle, jog and run, with friends and/or dogs, and there are even horse riders who use the old railway.

I have two routes for my training currently; one which is 3km and the other 6km, and I do either one depending on how much time I have available. Just before midday I decided to tackle the 6km. I have done this a few times before, but today has been my best attempt so far- I completed it in 35 minutes!

After jogging 6km
After jogging 6km (I need to get my hair cut!)

I was surprised by this when I had finished, as jogging 6km proved challenging today. Generally I have stopped for about 5 minutes after 3km at a place called Bede Park, but I didn’t stop and continued. Inevitably I had to stop at a set of traffic lights twice, but that wasn’t for long. After about 4km, I had to stop for a quick breather, as the 3km back is more difficult, as it involves jogging up several slopes. I had to stop for another breather when I had about 1km left, but once I had finished the 6km, I felt knackered, but great!

I’m pleased that I have reached this milestone. I’ve proven to myself that despite my weight, I have the potential to jog great distances and feel good about myself. I still have a way to go to jog 10km, but I have just over 3 months to go for training. I need to plan a route outside but first I would like to try jogging 10km on a treadmill at the gym. My next target for jogging outside will be 8km!

Happy reading and blogging,

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


One thought on “New milestone reached

  1. Good, but don’t forget that the slower you jog the more calories you burn and the longer you last. Think like the tortoise of the fable not like the hare. As the advice at the end of the tale says: “Slow but steady wins the race.”

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