Messy worthwhile endeavour

The internet has taken the mick out of the solar eclipse that happened today. Most of the photos I have seen were of a grey sky. The weather was decent in Leicester this morning but unfortunately for me, I was note taking in a lecture during the eclipse. The lecture was in a room on the bottom floor where the windows invite you to view constant traffic, and the blinds were closed as well. So I had no hope in seeing the eclipse during the lecture; bring on 2026!

I was enlightened though when I finished work, coming out into a gorgeous afternoon. The sky was cloudless and bright blue, and I was rather warm with my coat on. I thought of BBQs as I made my commute back home, sizzling food, salad and cous cous. I suddenly had a craving for cous cous, so I bought some on my way back home.

I fancied something cold and tasty for lunch, and I hadn’t eaten cous cous since last summer. I have only tried cous cous that is flavoured and instant, which I tried to find in the shop, but there wasn’t any. In the end I decided to buy some plain cous cous and had a go at making some for the first time.

Because I had never cooked cous cous before, I followed the instructions on the packaging and soon found out that preparing cous cous is messy! It said to rinse the cous cous thoroughly under cold water. Rather than a colander, I used a sieve, thinking that none of it would fall through the holes. Cous cous is a lot smaller than I thought it was. So I put it in a pan of cold water, left it for a few minutes then rinsed it in the sieve- not so much of it escaped this time.

Cooking the cous cous in a pan of water proved interesting as well. I only needed a small amount of water, and it didn’t take long for it all to combine. The pan became sticky which will be a pain to clean later, but it was all worth it.

I served the cous cous in a bowl of lettuce with tuna on top
I served the cous cous in a bowl of lettuce with tuna on top

I added some mixed salad beans and served it with some tuna mayonnaise on top. I was a bit worried that the cous cous would taste quite plain, but even alone it tastes quite nice. Despite how messy I found the experience, I will make some again in the near future. I’d like to try making tomato flavoured cous cous next time.

Happy reading and blogging,

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


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