One of my firsts

Despite my main aim of blogging, to motivate myself in my dieting and improving fitness, I had an interesting new experience on Friday night. I’m always up for opportunities to try out unfamiliar things, and the one I had this weekend was seeing a band called Steel Panther.

My boyfriend asked me to come with him, and he is a heavy metal fan. I’m not really accustomed to listening to this genre of music, but I hear it often from my sister and her fiancé, who are big fans.

On Friday 13th March at the O2 Academy in Leicester, I went with my boyfriend to see Steel Panther on their All You Can Eat tour. It was sold out and the venue was brimming with fans wearing long wigs and panther printed clothing. The best thing was for the first time, I got to stand right at the front at a gig! It definitely is worth arriving at a venue early.

The first support band, The Lounge Kittens, was a pretty cool act. They are made up of a trio of women, one of them who accompanies on the piano. The girls perform parodies of heavy metal songs, and they even performed a cover of Steel Panther’s Gloryhole. Overall they received a positive shout out from the crowd.

The Lounge Kittens

I was a bit sceptical about the next support band, Skindred, who were more well-known to the eager Steel Panther fans. My boyfriend had told me before about the sort of music they play; heavy metal infused with reggae and dubstep. When the lead singer performed, I kept on thinking of the lemurs in the film Madagascar, singing I Like to Move It in a heavy metal style! I found watching Skindred a very strange experience, and they’re definitely not my cup of tea.

The lead singer of Skindred

The crowd became ecstatic when Steel Panther came onto the stage. All of the members of the band have long hair and wear leggings when performing at gigs. Overall their stage presence and performing was fantastic!

I don’t listen to the genre glam rock on a regular basis, but I enjoyed the music Steel Panther played. I listened to a few of their songs so that I had something I could sing along to, but some of the songs were easy to pick up and join in with.

The band members were very interactive, making jokes about each other and picking out certain people in the audience. There was one song where I could have been on the stage with them, and part of me wishes that I did, which was for a song called 17 Girls in a Row. What put me off was that the women had to be lifted by security guards over the barrier and then onto the stage. In addition, I didn’t really know the lyrics that well, and it might have been awkward being sung to by a band member and looking at them in silence!

Steel Panther feat. security guard

All of Steel Panther’s songs are quite explicit in their content, making reference to the private parts of both sexes and sexual activities, in particular women. However, the lyrics are comical and they use these as their overall persona as a band.

One thing that surprised me was that Steel Panther introduced a cover band from Derbyshire    called Surreal Panther. The cover band used Steel Panther’s instruments to perform Eyes of a Panther, and they seemed to do very well, even though I didn’t know the song beforehand. Steel Panther even joined in with Surreal Panther, and the crowd enjoyed it!

Lead guitarist, Satchel

Out of all of the gigs I have been to so far, Steel Panther certainly love performing the most. They had a timer which I could see on the far left at the back of the stage, which was set for 99 minutes. They performed for that whole time!

Anyone who is a fan of Steel Panther, I recommend that you see them perform if you haven’t, and even those who do not listen to glam rock and/or heavy metal. I would probably see them again if I have the chance.


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