Butternut of the squash variety

I was supposed to be at the gym this morning, but the early starts for exercising this week and having a full day ahead have made me tired, especially last night. I have really been starting to push myself this week in my dieting and exercising, so once I have become accustomed to this new routine, I won’t feel so tempted to have a lie in when my alarm beeps loudly, telling me to get my lazy bum out of bed!

So instead I have written this blog about what I made for dinner last night. I had a go at making a stuffed butternut squash, something which I’ve wanted to try. It went pretty well and I didn’t consult any recipes on how to prepare one. As with the stuffed peppers I made last week,  I placed it in a pan of boiling water for about 5 minutes to soften it up a bit, after getting all of the seeds out.

The butternut squash ready to be stuffed

For the mixture, I used some leftover mixed salad beans with onions, celery, some cherry tomatoes which needed using and a touch of mixed herbs. I placed the mixture inside of the squash until it reached the very top where I carved the hole, then put it in the oven for about 30 minutes at gas mark 5.

After being cooked in the oven

The top layer of the mixture was slightly crispy, which I took off and the rest was fine. Overall it tasted quite nice and I’m a big fan of roasted butternut squash. Next time though, I would not just spoon out the seeds, but also most of the squash on the inside, and use that in my mixture. I think that would make it even tastier and also there would be more room for mixture. The layer of squash inside was quite thick, so I had made a bit too much to stuff inside, but I can save that for another meal.

The mixture inside

With another 23 days left of lent, I will probably post some more vegetarian dishes. Despite being a meat eater, I do enjoy vegetarian options- they are rather tasty.

Happy reading and blogging,

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


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