That time of year when something tempting is given up for 40 days (or more)

I was raised within a Christian background, from my mother’s side of the family. I was baptised as a baby and confirmed when I was 15 years old. I went to Sunday school every week, until I was too old to attend at the mighty age of 10. The choir master then asked me to join the church choir, so I did and I still to this day sing at St Andrew’s Church.

Even though I have not identified myself as a Christian for 4 years or so, I still continue to participate in an important part of the Christian calendar. Lent: that time when Jesus resisted temptation from the devil for 40 days and nights.

I have always seen lent as an opportunity to challenge myself. In the past during the days of my younger self, I gave up chocolate, computer games, coke and even biting my nails. Last year I gave up the hardest thing, which was social media. I was offline from Facebook and Twitter for the period of lent, which I found very challenging as I use Facebook on a daily basis.

Technically, I have given up temptations for longer than 40 days- it has actually equaled 46 days! I have never understood why it works out this way, and many people have said that you can indulge in your temptation each Sunday during lent. I do not bother with this though, and view the additional 6 days as extra endurance.

Since Wednesday 18th February 2015, I have not eaten any meat (with the exception of fish). I have always wanted to give up meat for lent, and have finally got round to doing it this year. I am not particularly missing meat that much to be honest. When I was in my final year at university, when I started dieting, I quite often had no meat with my main meal or even for the day. Since being at home, as a family we eat meat on a daily basis, so I thought this year would be a good one to give it up. In addition, I thought that omitting meat may help with my dieting.

The rest of my family are still eating meat, so I have been making my own little things to go alongside a meal. Tonight however, we had our first vegetarian meal together, with a friend as well. I made a vegetarian lasagne which went down pretty well!

Like I've said, it went down well!
Like I said, it went down well!

I’m not posting a recipe for it, as I made it without following one. Throughout my childhood I learnt how to cook dishes from watching my father make them, including pasta bolognese, lasagne and curry. I enjoy making meat lasagnes and for the first time tonight, I made a vegetarian one.

I followed my standard procedure for making a meat lasagne, but used vegetables instead. The bolognese mixture contained red and white onions, garlic, butternut squash, carrots, celery, red peppers, mushrooms, tinned tomatoes, tomato puree, mixed herbs, fresh basil and some red wine. I used mild cheddar cheese for the cheese sauce and grated some Red Leicester cheese to sprinkle on top. I always only make one layer of cheese sauce, which smothers the top layer of pasta, in order to make it that bit healthier.

Concoction of scrumptious veggie goodness
Concoction of scrumptious veggie goodness

Everyone seemed to enjoy the vegetarian lasagne and I even have some portions left over for future meals. If anyone is interested in how I made the lasagne, let me know and I will send you instructions.

With 4 weeks left going cold turkey, I will post some more food ideas, not just for vegetarians, but for anyone to enjoy. I could technically have a bacon sandwich tomorrow, but I will resist that temptation and enjoy one on Easter Sunday morning!

Happy reading and blogging,

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


6 thoughts on “That time of year when something tempting is given up for 40 days (or more)

  1. […] have been really carnivorous since I’ve been eating meat again (I gave up meat for lent this year) such as tonight, when I had pork ribs with a smokey BBQ sauce. My dad buys racks of ribs from Aldi […]


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