How do you even?!

How old do you think I am?

Hello fellow people of the world that is the internet,

Some of my friends write their own blogs and have suggested that I write them too. I have been interested in writing blogs for a while now, but haven’t round to doing them, and the biggest worry for me was, what do I write about? What should I write about?

And then my light bulb lit up!

Ideas come to you unexpectedly, in situations you wouldn’t expect, and when I thought of the blog idea, I wondered why I hadn’t thought of it a lot earlier. But never mind; better late than never.

Since February 2014 I have been trying to fight the fat and improve my lifestyle. I have not done too bad so far; I am a stone lighter than I was this time last year and I have managed to keep myself that way. I was even close to losing 2 stone, but that piled back on when I returned home after living away for three years, when I was an undergraduate.

When I started improving my lifestyle, I changed my diet and joined a gym. I also became very good at self-control and avoided naughty treats (of course you have to have one now and again). When I came back home, I indulged in comforting food and I’ve tried to revert back to how I was away from home.

Despite my struggles, I’ve come up with a plan to get that stone back off, and hopefully lose more weight in the process. I’ve signed up for the 10km Race for Life in Leicester on Sunday 5th July 2015, and I’m going to jog it all without stopping!

At first when I considered the Race for Life this year, I was going to jog 5km, until I surprised myself at the gym. The first time I tried jogging 5km, I did it in just under an hour and without stopping or feeling breathless! Considering my fitness, I was extremely pleased and decided to go for the 10km.

I have actually been training since mid-January, and it’s going pretty well so far. I have reached 7km in under an hour and I have started jogging outside, where the gradient is more varied. While training is running ok, my dieting is not so much. In order to jog 10km effectively, I’d like to lose more weight and become fitter.

So back to my light bulb. The idea to write a blog came to me while I was out jogging outside in the ungodly hours of this morning. I thought to myself, why not write blogs about my journey of improving my fitness, and my aim to jog 10km for a worthy cause? And also in 4 months time today, the Race for Life will be taking place! Hence it seems very coincidental that I decided to start blogging today.

With 4 months to go and counting of training and dieting, I’m hoping that blogging will be a great motivator, and maybe even encourage others who are trying to change their lifestyle for good. I’m aiming to write a blog updating my weight fitness progress every fortnight (with photos), but I will write other ones too about how cancer has affected me, tips for dieting and fitness and maybe even some healthy(ish) recipes.

Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


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